We Couldn't Help But Wonder: Why the Hell Wasn't Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Gala?

A lot of fashion-forward celebrities showed up to the Met Gala in NYC on Monday night, but one very important figure was missing from the fun: Sarah Jessica Parker. This is a huge deal. We've grown accustomed to seeing SJP at the big event every year, because let's be real: she is New York City fashion. There isn't an art exhibit, Broadway play opening, or ballet fundraiser where she doesn't at least pop up inside, so we — and many other Met Gala followers — are pretty bummed that she didn't attend.

Why wasn't she there? Is she sick? Tired? Busy filming Sex and the City 3? Is it because that woman tried to come for her Hamilton-inspired look last year?! The only clue we had about her whereabouts is a cryptic Instagram video she shared on Monday morning while making coffee, and it wasn't much to go on. And before you ask, YES, we also checked her BFF Andy Cohen's Twitter feed, and there was nothing there either. People did report on Tuesday that SJP decided to skip the Met Gala to "stay and work on her HBO series Divorce" instead. We understand having work commitments, but it doesn't make us any less upset.