30 Times Yungblud Was Unapologetically Himself on Instagram

British singer-songwriter singer Yungblud (whose real name is Dominic Harrison) isn't just known for his unbelievably killer songs — seriously, his track from the latest season of 13 Reasons Why is still in our heads — and his fling with Halsey. Right now, what we want to talk about is how obsessed we are with his Instagram. The singer keeps it super real in all his photos, from his fashion choices to his many (admittedly beautiful) faces. For a peek at our favorite times he was completely and totally himself, check out some of his Instagrams in the gallery ahead.

When He Emanated British Schoolboy Vibes

When He Gave Us That Sexy Snarl

When He Pursed His Plum-Colored Pout

When He Cried Happy Tears of Individuality

When He Resembled What Can Only Be the Love Child of Harry Styles and Ashton Irwin

When He Wondered What He Did to Be So Bold

When He Posed on a Toilet Seat

When He Rocked This Skirt Like Nobody Else

When He Served Selfie Realness

When He Breathed New Life Into "The Miley"

When He Looked Demonic, but, Like, Hot Demonic

When He Flaunted That Fresh-Faced Look

When Everything in This Photo Was Typical Yungblud

Like His Atypical Take on Sneakers

And That Self-Assured Smile

We Love That Yungblud Is Such a Standout That We'd Recognize Him Any Place, Any Time

When He Served Us One of His Staple Poses

And When He Gave Us Another One of His Trademark Looks

When He Seemed Like He Just Got Out of the Shower

When He Delivered That Bad-Boy Growl

When His Long Hair Fell Over the Side of His Face

When He Was Cherubic

When The Polaroid Complemented His Sky-High Locks

When We Wanted Nothing More Than That White Rose to Be For Us

When His Sweet Smile Made Us Blush

And When He Was Deliciously Shirtless