Zendaya's Birth Chart Reveals Why She's So Grounded

There's a reason why Zendaya has become one of the most widely known actors of our time. Between her legendary roles as Rue on the award-winning show "Euphoria" and MJ in Marvel's Spider-Man franchise, the actor has not only won multiple Emmys but won the hearts of fans, too. Apart from acting, Zendaya has also been recognized for her avant-garde fashion sense, even taking home the CFDA Fashion Icon Award in 2021. All of these are valid reasons why Zendaya is the moment.

While she's active on social media and vocal about her advocacy for organizations like the Black Lives Matter movement, Zendaya rarely goes in depth about her personal life. With that being the case, you may be curious about the "Euphoria" star on an astrological level. That's why POPSUGAR previously spoke to a professional astrologer, Nautica Flowers, to discuss Zendaya's birth chart and how it plays a role in the actor's relationships, fashion, and more.

The Big Three

Your sun, moon, and rising signs make up the big three in your birth chart. These placements represent areas of life that involve your outward personality, inner self, and personal projections of yourself. You'll need your birth date, time, and place to know your rising sign — and thankfully, Zendaya's birthday and time are available online, so we can get a full scope of her birth chart.

Virgo Sun

Your sun sign is your most recognizable placement because it represents your overall identity. Zendaya's zodiac sign reveals that her sun sign is in meticulous and detail-oriented Virgo, making the actor down-to-earth, adaptable, and organized. "With her sun in Virgo, Zendaya is someone who puts a lot of thought, tact, and analysis into everything she does and everything she is," Flowers tells POPSUGAR. "Virgo rules analysis, judgment, and critique, and we see these traits play out in Zendaya's acting career."

When asked by Vanity Fair what quality she deplores most in others, Zendaya answered greed. Virgos are known as the altruists of the zodiac, which makes sense that she would be against those whose values are selfishness. In addition to this, they are mutable earth signs, meaning they can shapeshift and adapt to all of the changes that come their way. "Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and writing, which explains Zendaya's flawless ability to change and adapt her script in 'Euphoria,'" Flowers explains.

Taurus Moon

Your moon sign symbolizes your inner self, including your emotional responses and intuition. Zendaya's zodiac sign proves that her moon sign is in the practical and romantic earth sign of Taurus. Taureans crave stability, so it's likely that the "Euphoria" actor does her best to balance and stabilize her emotions. "With Taurus being the sign of music and the arts, it's no surprise that Zendaya got her start in dancing and acting from a young age," Flowers explains.

Aquarius Rising

First impressions are ruled by your rising sign, which is also called your ascendant sign. This sign shows up in social situations, so you may be able to recognize someone's rising sign, rather than their sun sign, upon first meeting them. Zendaya's rising sign is in the humanitarian of the zodiac, Aquarius. This implies she's all about freedom, independence, and equality.

"Aquarius is the sign of social activism, and Zendaya has always made it clear that her acting as Rue stems from a place of wanting addicts to receive societal acceptance," Flowers explains. "Zendaya was also not shy or ashamed to speak out in clear support of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020."

In addition to this, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of shock and disruption, which only adds more spotlight onto Zendaya. "Aquarius rules collectives of people, technology, and standing out from the crowd," Flowers says. "I think this placement explains how Zendaya has cultivated a massive online following being the standout star of 'Euphoria' and how critical of a role social media has played in that."

Personal Planets

Every birth chart is made up of personal planets that consist of Mercury, Mars, and Venus. These planets symbolize things like communication tendencies, relationships, and ambition. Knowing Zendaya's personal planets can help us see how she navigates the way she expresses herself through words and how she handles confrontation.

Libra Mercury

Your Mercury sign denotes your communication style along with your mindset. This manifests most clearly when you communicate through speech and writing, but it also symbolizes your thought process. Zendaya's Mercury sign is in the diplomatic sign of Libra, so she may find herself trying to keep the peace among those around her.

"Libra is the scales of justice, representing human rights and finding balance," Flowers says. "This placement explains Zendaya's role as Rue, in which she is asked to get into the head of an addict and find a way to understand her."

Cancer Mars

Mars symbolizes the way you respond to conflict and carnal impulses, as well as how ambitious you are. Zendaya's Mars sign is in nurturing and compassionate Cancer, making her a peacekeeper who uplifts others. "In Cancer, Zendaya has shown to be very defensive and protective over her parents as well as taking a lot of pride in her family," Flowers says. This checks out, considering Zendaya stated during an interview with Vanity Fair that her family members are her heroes.

Cancer Venus

Venus is the planet that rules aesthetics, beauty, romance, and love. This is manifested in relationships, but it can also show up in styles and artistic expression. Zendaya's Venus is also in Cancer, implying she's caring and nurturing in her relationships and isn't afraid to show her softer side. "Cancer rules family, roots, and specifically, the connection to her mother," Flowers explains. "Zendaya's passion for the arts started with a summer job she got at the theater her mother also worked at."

Cancers are also nostalgic and sentimental, so it makes sense that Zendaya has paid homage to fashion icons on the red carpet, including Aaliyah and Josephine Baker. Water signs are all about roots, and Cancers love a good throwback!

If Zendaya seems like she's put together, it could be because she has a strong Virgo sun that allows her to stay collected through challenges and upheavals. She's not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right when it comes to the well-being of her community. Whether she's captivating audiences or inspiring the red carpet, Zendaya proves time and again that she's a tough act to follow.