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How Does A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 End?

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Here's Where Season 1 Leaves Off

By the time the curtain drops on the first season of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events, there are a lot of plates spinning, a phrase which here means, "there's a lot of information to keep track of." Certain mysteries have pretty clear answers by the time the finale finishes: we knew in advance that we'd plop down right at the end of the fourth book, and we now know what the deal is with those parents (played by Cobie Smulders and Will Arnett). In weaving such a mysterious and enigmatic tapestry, though, there are still other things to keep track of that are a bit more speculative. Looking for a rundown of all the loose ends, cliffhangers, and more when it comes to the finale? Look no further.

1. Where the Story Leaves Off

In the final minutes of the season, Mr. Poe has taken the Baudelaires to the Prufrock Preparatory School. This is the setting for book five of the series, called The Austere Academy. In these final minutes, the Quagmires experience a devastating fire, leading to the perceived deaths of the Quagmire parents as well as Quigley, one of the triplets. Violet, Sunny, and Klaus end the episode back to back with Duncan and Isadora Quagmire; both parties have a corresponding piece of the mysterious spyglass Klaus first finds in the ruins of the Baudelaire mansion. The season ends with a musical number, sung by the entire cast. The primary message of the song is, "you're probably hoping this gets better, but it's only going to get worse."

2. The Sinister, Implicit Backstory of Lemony Snicket

There are a few disconcerting things to note about Snicket as the first season wraps. The first is that he seems to be on the run from the authorities. Near the end of the eighth episode, he hastily packs up the hotel room he's been staying in as two men in suits attempt to track him down. The second is that he appears to have a direct connection to Count Olaf. The two are pictured together on a shelf at Prufrock Preparatory School. This, of course, is something that's hinted at in the books as well: Lemony Snicket is not just the narrator of the Baudelaire story. He's got a personal stake in it. It'll be interesting to see how the show fleshes this out.

3. The Interesting Addition of Jacquelyn

We've already spoken a bit about the badass new character known as Jacquelyn. She's proven to be a valuable ally to the Baudelaires; she's clearly hell-bent on locking Olaf away, and she even returns the stolen spyglass piece to Klaus before the season's end. Could she serve a greater purpose as we go deeper into the story? Does she represent a missing piece that was tragically left out of the books? It's totally possible.

4. The Fate of the Baudelaire Parents

Now that we know Arnett and Smulders are actually the Quagmire parents, the odds of a Baudelaire fire survivor are looking pretty bleak. But hey, the books always hinted that at least one of the two parents (very likely Beatrice) managed to escape death. You can still hold out hope. When you consider how we got a hefty bit of Quagmire backstory (something that wasn't in the books), it's entirely possible we'll get an even more in-depth look at the secret organization and the Baudelaire and Quagmire parents' involvement therein.

5. The Beginnings of the V.F.D. Mystery

If you haven't read the book series, it's worth noting that the secret organization behind everything goes by the mysterious initials of "V.F.D." There were nods to the initials throughout the first season: Klaus and Violet consult a "Verified Functional Dictionary" during the "Miserable Mill" episodes, and Jacquelyn mentions a "Vigorously Fixed Destination" in the "Bad Beginning" episodes. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the secret society, and we can only imagine that season two will dig deeper.

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