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How Far Is King's Landing From Winterfell in Game of Thrones

Here's How Far Jon and Daenerys Had to Travel to Get From Winterfell to King's Landing

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

The Battle of Winterfell has come and gone on Game of Thrones, and even though the Night King has been defeated, one battle still remains: the showdown between Cersei and Daenerys for the Iron Throne. With every passing episode, it seems like Daenerys has been getting more and more impatient, and rightfully so. Not only has Cersei killed Daenerys's dragon baby Rhaegal, but she's also had Missandei decapitated. So, it kind of makes sense why Daenerys is starting to get that crazed look in her eye, reminiscent of her father, the Mad King.

On top of that, Dany's love life isn't doing too hot now that she knows Jon Snow is actually her nephew. Incest aside (because she has more important things to worry about, clearly), Jon's true title of Aegon Targaryen means he now has the power to usurp Daenerys and rightfully take the Iron Throne as his own. So, Dany's been having a rough couple of weeks, to say the least. Adding to all that is the fact that Dany has to journey all the way to meet Cersei face-to-face in King's Landing from up North in Winterfell. How long did that take, exactly? One Reddit user Imperial_Affectation broke it down for us.

The Game of Thrones timeline can be tricky to navigate and keep track of, but based on maps of Westeros, they got a pretty accurate estimate of how far Jon and Daenerys's remaining army had to travel from Winterfell to King's Landing. Based on a guess that the Wall is a hundred leagues, or 300 miles, long, then most distances on maps of Westeros can be estimated accordingly. Per this logic, Westeros itself is about 9,000 miles long from north to south. In this case, Imperial_Affectation estimates that the walk via Kingsroad would be approximately 1,460 miles. Ugh, my feet hurt just thinking about it.


Since Daenerys probably made the trip by flying most of the way on Drogon, Jon likely arrived via horse, and what remains of the Unsullied rode on ships, we can't make an accurate guess as to how long it took all of them to arrive. So, depending on how fast they were traveling, the trip might have taken them anywhere between two weeks and a full month to complete. For reference, in today's world, the trip to King's Landing would have taken them 23 full hours of driving without any breaks.

Seeing as a significant amount of time has passed since Rhaegal's death and Jon's refusal to keep his secret from his sisters, Dany has had a lot of time to reflect and plot various forms of revenge. While we can't be entirely sure what's going on in her head, we still expect a lot more bloodshed before anyone takes a seat on the Iron Throne.

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