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lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
Ok, first of all, if anyone has not read these books, do yourself a favor and do so immediately. Second of all, I was finishing the series, reading the third and final book "Mockingjay" when True Grit came out and Hailee Steinfeld was getting all that press. I started immediately imaging her in the role. I too think she would be actually perfect for the role - she has the acting prowess and the ability to pull off the physical demands. All in all, I cannot wait for this movie...
bhilb bhilb 6 years
From the description of Katniss, plus the mention that their district is where Appalachia is, I always pictured Katniss to be part Native American (specifically Cherokee, since Cherokee nation is in Appalachia). Based on that, I just can't get behind most of the casting choices I've heard. Hailee Steinfeld is the best, but she borders on too young.
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
If not an unknown, my top choices are Hailee Steinfeld and Kaya Scodelario. They have an slightly exotic look about them that fits Katniss. It's pivotal for them to not cast someone who looks too old (which in my opinion, the amazing Jennifer Lawrence does---and she's physically wrong for Katniss, even if she dyed her hair or lost weight--she's too white bread). It's central to the horror of the Hunger Games that we see they're CHILDREN/young adults fighting to the death. To cast a 21-25 year old, even if they're playing 16, takes that away. For Peeta, my dream is David Kross from "The Reader"! Alas, I fear they'll cast some talentless prettyboy like Alex Pettyfer.
Molly-Goodson Molly-Goodson 6 years
I just started reading The Hunger Games and am pulling for Hailee or Jennifer Lawrence to score the part. Then again, my image of Katniss is skewed since I started reading the book after these casting rumors came out. I also think Emma Watson would be great.
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