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Little Movie Exclusive Issa Rae Featurette Video

Issa Rae Has Vital Tips on Surviving Horrible Bosses in This Exclusive Featurette From Little

Everyone has had at least one boss in their life who makes their skin crawl with rage to think about. That one authority figure who made you want to either quit or contemplate a jail sentence at least once a day. Issa Rae can commiserate with you — at least she can after her role as April Williams in the comedy Little.

April's boss Jordan (a bad boss who puts Miranda Priestly to shame) is the embodiment of every assistant's nightmare. While a bit of black girl magic and comical tomfoolery causes her to see the error of her ways, it's safe to say the same method doesn't work in real life. If we could all make horrible bosses gain some humility with crafty wordplay and wand waving, the world would be a better place. But since we can't, we'd say the next best thing is checking out this exclusive featurette celebrating Little being out on digital and dropping on Blu-ray July 9, in which Issa gives us her hot tips for surviving the boss from hell.

The basics? Never let your boss catch you slipping, exploit any weaknesses that you can, and finally, quit while you still have shreds of your dignity (if you can)! Watch the full video above and remember, Issa believes in you. You got this!

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