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Lizzie McGuire Halloween Costumes

15 Ways You and Your Friends Can Be Lizzie McGuire Characters For Halloween

Lizzie McGuire Halloween Costumes
Image Source: Everett Collection

There are so many nostalgic Disney Channel costumes to choose from for Halloween, but some of the greatest inspiration comes from Lizzie McGuire. Not only was Hilary Duff our role model growing up, but the show was also full of some crazy fashion statements that are still iconic more than 18 years later. Yes, it's really been that long since the series premiered. Remember when Lizzie performed in front of hundreds of people at the Colosseum with an Italian superstar? What about simpler times when Miranda dyed Kate's hair a horrible shade of green? If you love (and miss) the show just as much as we do, pay tribute to your favorite characters by re-creating some of those iconic moments on Oct. 31.

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