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Will There Be Season 2 of the Murphy Brown Reboot?

Despite Cancellation Reports, Murphy Brown Is "Looking Forward" to a Second Season

In the midst of Hollywood's current reboot mania, there were bound to be some failed experiments. While revived series like Will & Grace and Fuller House are still going strong, ABC's Roseanne and Paramount's Heathers encountered some notable stumbles. Fortunately it seems CBS's modern take on Murphy Brown will avoid being the next nostalgic revival to get the ax.

The Hollywood Reporter shared on Wednesday that CBS is pulling the plug on both Murphy Brown and their Damon Wayans Jr. comedy, Happy Together. The news about the Candice Bergen-led series didn't come as a surprise, necessarily, since the multicamera newsroom comedy was "always intended to be a closed-ended order of 13 episodes," according to THR. Despite those reports, creator Diane English clarified that Murphy Brown is still very much looking forward to a second season, and that they ordered 13 episodes on purpose.

No matter what the fate of Murphy Brown ends up being, the series and its titular character will no doubt continue to hold an important spot in pop culture, especially given the current political climate. English returned as a writer on the reboot, which saw Murphy returning to the airwaves amid a chaotic, divided nation, and frequent, violent attacks on the press. If you need another dose of Murphy's wit, you can always stream the show on CBS All Access!

Image Source: CBS
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