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Sterling K. Brown Talking Backstage at the Emmys 2017

How Sterling K. Brown Finished His Speech After That Rough Emmys Cutoff

On Sunday night, Sterling K. Brown joined the winners list at the 2017 Emmy Awards in LA. Brown took the best actor title for his role as Randall in This Is Us, making him the first black man to take the award in about 20 years. Of course, the actor launched into a pretty incredible acceptance speech laden with TV references and a shout-out to "the best white TV family." Sadly, Brown was cut off before he could finish his speech. He didn't even get to thank his stunning wife, who helped him light up the red carpet ahead of the ceremony.

Luckily, Brown seized the opportunity to finish his acceptance speech backstage. With the extra time, he thanked the show writers, producers, and, of course, creator Dan Fogelman. And yes, he gave the sweetest thank you to his wife and sons. Read what he said in full:

"I wanted to thank our writers. A show doesn't get seven acting nominations without some impeccable, beautiful, thoughtful writing . . . thank you so much. To our producers and directors, in particular John Requa and Glenn Ficarra and the crazy-cool Ken Olin. Thank you for your guidance and friendship. And I wanted to thank Dan Fogelman. He is the Hebrew hammer with which our house was built. He makes me laugh and cry in equal parts and keeps me coming back for more. In his own little small special way, he's not trying to make America great again, he's trying to make it the best that it's ever been. And I love that he's taking me on this journey.

I wanted to thank my manager of 17 years, Jennifer Wiley-Stockton. I've been doing for a long time and it feels like I'm just getting started. I can't wait to see what's next.

And to my wife. They cut me off before I got to thank my wife! Ryan Michelle Bathe, you're everything. You make my life worth living, and you gave me two of the most beautiful things that God has ever put on this planet: my sons. Andrew Jason Sterling Brown. Marty Michael Ryan Christian Brown. Daddy loves you with the strength of 1,000 suns."

It's horrible that Brown didn't get to share all these incredible sentiments on stage, given the fact that his win was so historic and his speech was so lively. But hey, at least he got the opportunity to speak into a mic that wasn't going to get cut off.

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