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What Powers Does the Ice Dragon Have on Game of Thrones?

6 Questions We Have About the Ice Dragon on Game of Thrones

Hopefully we can all be in agreement that Game of Thrones' season seven episode "Beyond the Wall" is a particularly gut-wrenching episode. While other things happen in the episode, I'd like to take a minute and focus on my personal favorite group of degenerates making a supercasual trip north of the Wall to wrangle a wight. We also see a zombie polar bear, which, again, may not be that important in the grand scheme of things, but I truly lost my sh*t when I saw it on my screen. The most important thing to come out of this episode was, obviously, the fact that the army of White Walkers now has a freakin' dragon (RIP, Viserion).

There are so many questions that follow, like, is the ice dragon a wight or a White Walker? Who will be riding him? Will dragon Drogon kill dragon Viserion? How much dragonglass is necessary to kill an already-dead dragon? But we actually have more questions about what powers the ice dragon actually possesses now.

  • Will the ice dragon breathe fire or ice?
  • Will whatever he does breathe just kill everyone OR turn them into wights/White Walkers immediately?
  • How will the ice dragon break the wall?
  • Will he kill his bros? (Please, God, no.)
  • Will Bran be able control Viserion?
  • Does this officially cancel out the three-headed dragon theory?

Here's to hoping the season finale answers most, if not all, of these questions. In the meantime, is it appropriate to pray for the well-being of fictional characters?

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