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Why Does Jack Kidnap Mia in Fifty Shades Freed?

This Part of Fifty Shades Freed Is Confusing, So Here's the Deal

Of all of the unexpected moments we watched unfold in Fifty Shades Freed, the most shocking happens at the end of the movie. No, not the scene where Christian gives us a beautiful rendition of "Maybe I'm Amazed" on the piano (but, I mean, that too). Rather, I'm talking about the scene in Fifty Shades Freed that left many of us confused: when Jack Hyde kidnaps Mia Grey.

Jack is released from prison on bail and kidnaps Mia not too long after. While everyone else in the family has tight-knit security, Mia has a habit of ditching her bodyguard. This may be the reason he goes for her over anyone else, holding her at gunpoint for a $5 million ransom.

He blackmails Elizabeth Morgan, his former associate from Seattle Independent Press, into being his accomplice. After threatening her with a videotape of the two of them having sex (which we later learn is something he's done in the past), Liz is forced to go along with his plans. She drives Ana to the scene and, as confirmed in the book, she was also the driver following Ana and Christian in the beginning of the movie.

This makes a lot of sense of her being all buddy-buddy with Ana at SIP throughout the course of the movie. She even consoled her after the initial incident with Hyde, asking her how she felt about it, all in an attempt to gain her trust and retrieve information she could report back to him.

Anastasia drops everything to rescue her sister-in-law, following careful instructions to do so alone, which leave her security guard and husband totally baffled. She gives Liz a random phone, outsmarting the two of them and sneaking her real phone into the bag of cash so Christian can track it and find her. In the meantime, she manages to grab ahold of a gun and shoot Hyde in the leg, saving herself and Mia. Police arrive on scene, landing Hyde behind bars once again along with his accomplice, Liz.

Ana has some serious injuries afterward, landing her in the hospital for some time, but in the end, she and the baby are safe and sound and Mia leaves the scene unharmed.

Initially, we're led to believe that this whole plot was Hyde seeking revenge against Christian for getting him fired from SIP, but in the end, we realize that couldn't be further from the truth. We learn from a dated photo that Jack and Christian were raised in the same foster home in Detroit, before Christian was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Grey. Jack also sent him threatening notes, like the one that read "you owe me a life," which refer to Christian being adopted instead of him. Christian was handed a life of wealth, advantages, and opportunities that Hyde feels he should have gotten instead, while in reality he stayed in the system and ended up with nothing.

Ana reminds a struggling Christian that even though he was granted an amazing life, he was the one who made the most of it and he deserves everything that he has.

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