22 Adult Ariel Costumes That'll Make You Feel Like Halle Bailey

Disney princess Halloween costumes never go out of style, no matter how old you are. And this year, after the release of the highly anticipated live-action remake of "The Little Mermaid" with Halle Bailey, it's the perfect time to dress up as Ariel (or Ursula, if that's more your style). Whether you try to copy Bailey's look with waist-length locs or go for a bright-red wig, and if you want to look sexy, classic, funny, or cute, there are so many ways to embody this classic Disney character for Halloween.

If you're looking for Ariel costume inspiration, we're here to help. Keep reading to see 21 different ways to dress up as Ariel for Halloween, including "The Little Mermaid" costumes that play on her seashell bra, bridal look, or dinner outfit or even the moment she's left naked on the beach. Some require extensive makeup work or outfit prep, whereas others you can pull together using what's already in your closet. No matter what, you really can't go wrong.

This Oct. 31, take the party under the sea with one of these creative Ariel costumes for adults.

Glam Ariel Costume

If you want to pump up the glam factor for your Ariel Halloween costume, wear actual shells over your bikini top to recreate Ariel's sea shell top, adorn your look with strings of pearls, and accessorize with even more pearl jewelry (you can add a prop starfish to your skirt for good measure).

Ariel Costume With Pants

Who said Ariel has to wear a dress or mermaid tail? If you're looking for an Ariel costume that allows you to move freely or stay warm, simply put on a dark-blue pair and re-create the outfit she wears on the date with Prince Eric.

Easy Ariel and Prince Eric Costume

Copy this simple couple's costume for Halloween using a dark-blue strapless top, a white shirt, a blue skirt, and Ariel's signature hair bow. Whoever dresses as Prince Eric has it easy; with a white button-down shirt, they're done.

Ariel Costume With a Fork

An easy way to level up your Ariel costume is by adding a fork, aka a "dinglehopper." People will know who you're dressed as without it, but it'll be like the cherry on top of your outfit.

Classic Ariel Costume

If you're down to craft a more involved DIY Ariel costume, follow this creator's guide to making a sheer bandeau top and shimmery green skirt. Then all you need is a flower or seashell for your hair.

"Kiss the Girl" Ariel Costume

For a more subtle (and probably more affordable) Ariel costume, copy the iconic outfit Ariel wears during the "Kiss the Girl" scene. All you need are a ruffly light-blue dress and pink hair accessory.

Ariel's Pink Dinner Dress Costume

The pink dress Ariel wears to dinner with Prince Eric (in the iconic dinglehopper scene) is often forgotten during Halloween. It's the perfect creative "The Little Mermaid" costume to wear during Halloween, when there may be a sea of Ariels — just don't forget your fork!

Schoolgirl Ariel Costume

If you want to dream up a whole new version of Ariel that's not in the movie, try something like this schoolgirl Ariel outfit. All you really need are a red wig and some seashell accessories to make it clear you're from the hypothetical sequel where Ariel goes to college on land.

Workout Ariel Costume

Whether you specifically want a workout-friendly costume or just something simple for trick-or-treating with little ones, this unique version of Ariel is easy if you have a pair of green leggings at home. (Just be prepared for jokes about skipping leg day.)

Pearl Makeup Ariel Costume

If your main MO for Halloween is to try a wild makeup look, turn yourself into Ariel with iridescent pearl makeup, as shown here. That, plus some simple Ariel clothing, can go a long way.

Dark Ariel Costume

The moment when Ursula steals Ariel's voice and becomes human is spooky yet enchanting. Dress as this creative "dark Ariel" for Halloween using a strapless black dress and giant seashell necklace.

Sexy Ariel Costume

Looking for a sexy Ariel option? A purple bra, a shimmery green miniskirt, and pearly fishnets make it clear you're the Little Mermaid without veering into kid-costume territory.

Corset Ariel Costume

Speaking of sexy, Ariel costumes afford you several different opportunities to wear a corset, whether you go for the Ariel-on-land look as shown here or wear one in place of a seashell bra.

Washed-Up-on-the-Beach Ariel Costume

Re-create the moment when Ariel is washed up on shore and, in her first few moments with legs, needs to wrap up in some rope and a sail or random cloth. This person re-created the look using a curtain, though you could also go with a sheet or even a bath towel.

Casual Ariel Costume

If you have green pants and a red wig, you can pull together a casual Ariel costume that's fit for work or a more active Halloween activity. Bonus points if you can find a shell-inspired purse to tote around.

Scary Ariel Costume

During Halloween, you have license to make anything scary — including Disney characters. If you can stomach it, add fake flood and gore or spooky Halloween makeup to your costume for a very adult take on "The Little Mermaid."

Another Classic Ariel Costume

If you're willing to buy a few key items, get your hands on a true seashell bra or purple swim top that looks close enough, and pair with a stretchy green skirt. Then add a red wig and starfish hair accessories. With this look, every single person at the party will know who you're dressed as, no questions asked.

Bridal Ariel Costume

Reuse any white dress — your actual wedding dress or otherwise — to transform into bridal Ariel. You'll just need the help of a bright-red wig (otherwise, you could be any runaway bride).

Street Style Ariel Costume

Whatever you want to call it, this creative Ariel look will set you apart from any other "The Little Mermaid" costumes at your party.

Disco Ariel Costume

Get the vibe of a mermaid tail using green bell–bottom pants, and you can create an Ariel costume that feels a bit disco-y. A bright-red wig and purple corset top seal the deal.

Decorative-Bra Ariel Costume

Purchased a decorative bra for another costume or festival? It lives its perfect second life in an adult Ariel costume.

Ariel Gets Her Legs Costume

If you have a long, pastel-colored sparkly gown, all you have to do is add a red wig, and you'll perfectly recreate Ariel's look from the final scene of "The Little Mermaid" when King Triton transforms her, allowing her to reunite with Prince Eric.