The Bachelorette: There's More to Jason Than His NFL Career — He Also Loves Wawa

Jason Foster scored the coveted first one-on-one date on Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette — and while the date was . . . different, it did give us a little insight into this former NFL player. Clare took Jason out to basically have a therapy session so they could open up about all their issues (and burn Clare's dress that she wore while getting dumped by Juan Pablo Galavis), and we got to know him so much better. Though all of Jason's admissions about his faults and insecurities felt like they were going into emotional territory, what they really did was give him the opportunity to be vulnerable in a way he clearly hasn't been before. Clare happily handed over a rose to keep him around, so we felt it was time to learn even more about him.


He's a Former NFL Player

Jason played for the Indianapolis Colts, Oakland Raiders, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2012 to 2016 before retiring from football. According to his ABC bio, he suffered too many concussions and wanted to take better care of himself.


He's the Life of the Party

Jason has shared a few different Instagram videos showing off his willingness to be the center of attention. Seems like no matter where he is, he's happy to get up and dance and sing.


He's Very Active

Not only does Jason run and work out frequently, but he's into other activities as well, like kayaking the Potomac, according to his ABC bio.


He's a Dog-Lover

While Jason claims he loves all animals, he's especially fond of dogs. This photo included a quote about dogs' loyalty, and his ABC bio says that he would happily open his home to every dog if he could.


He Lost Over 100 Pounds After Leaving the NFL

In this photo alone, Jason says he weighs 305 on the left and 230 on the right. He tells Clare during his one-on-one date that he's lost over 100 pounds in recent years.


He Loves His Family

Not only does Jason share photos with his family members on his Instagram frequently, but on the latest episode he opened up to Clare about being close with his family. He also told her that while he loves his parents deeply, at times he doesn't think they should be together — something that was incredibly difficult for him to talk about.


He May Be Fit, but He Still Loves to Eat!

To balance out his workout schedule, Jason apparently frequents Wawa and Wegmans, according to his Instagram bio. Though Wegmans is a grocery store and could easily provide healthy options, Wawa, the convenience store, is more appropriate for all your fun food cravings.