The Bachelorette: Yosef Is Already Shaping Up to Be a Memorable "Villain"

Every season of The Bachelorette needs at least one really good villain, and so far, it looks like Yosef Aborady might be a strong contender for that title on Clare Crawley's season. The 30-year-old contestant from Alabama has been involved with onscreen drama almost from the moment he set foot on the show, and judging by the previews, there's plenty more of that to come. So who exactly is Yosef, and how much do we know about this potentially controversial contestant? Keep reading to find out more about Yosef's life before The Bachelorette, what he does for a living, and more fun facts about the season's possible villain.

He Works in the Medical Field

Yosef lists his job as "medical device salesman" in his official ABC bio. Officially, he's a territorial manager for Northfield Medical, a medical device and repair company.

He's a Southern Boy at Heart

Yosef spent most of his early life in Alabama. His bio lists his hometown as Daphne, AL, and he also went to college in his home state, graduating with a BBA in business administration and management from the University of South Alabama.

He's Also a Model

Along with his full-time medical sales gig, Yosef is also a model, signed with the Barefoot Agency.

He's Been Married Before

Six years ago, Yosef married his first wife. It didn't work out, they divorced, and his ex has since remarried.

He Has a Daughter

The most frequent guest star on Yosef's Instagram? That would be his 4-year-old daughter, Zara.

He's Had Some Dating Struggles in the Past

Among the "fun facts" Yosef listed in his official bio: he's been on the receiving end of a catfish on a dating app!

He Knows How to Have Fun

Yosef lists some of his hobbies as cooking, going to dance clubs, and hanging out with his friends.

He's Already in the Middle of Bachelorette Drama

On the very first episode, Yosef got involved in some drama when Tyler C. accused him of DMing women on social media during the show's filming break. He survived the first rose ceremony, but the preview clips for the rest of the season seem to suggest he's going to be a very polarizing figure in the next few episodes!