The Bachelorette: Clare Crawley Explains the Meaning Behind THAT Diamond Ring

Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette only just began on Oct. 13, but it's already shaping up to be one of the most dramatic seasons in history. Between reports that indicated she left early to be with Dale Moss and Tayshia Adams stepped in for her, there's just a lot to keep up with. And to add more drama into the mix, Clare was recently spotted sporting a sparkly bauble on her wedding finger, further fueling those engagement rumors.

"This is my promise to myself, to make sure I always had enough self love that no matter what."

Naturally, Clare caught wind of the reports, and on Monday, she addressed the speculation on Instagram. "People have noticed I wear this ring on my wedding finger, and have asked why! The truth is because it is a commitment to myself first and foremost, to embody self-love," she wrote. "In the past I found myself getting into relationships where there was little to no reciprocity, and in the end would feel depleted and empty. This is my promise to myself, to make sure I always had enough self love that no matter what happened, I was committed to loving myself unconditionally, and that is something no man could take away from me."

While the ring Clare is wearing may not be an engagement ring after all, she still hasn't denied the rumors that she and Dale are engaged. Back in September, it was reported that they made things official after fireworks were seen at a La Quinta resort where filming for season 16 took place. The assumption was that fireworks were set off during Dale's proposal. Guess we'll just have to tune in to The Bachelorette to see Clare and Dale's love story unfold.