This Montage of Billy Eichner's Funniest Parks and Rec Lines Has Us "Wigging Out"

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If ever there was a Parks and Recreation character who I've quoted nearly as much as Leslie Knope, it was the ever-impassioned Craig Middlebrooks, played by Billy Eichner. Craig, who is a former member of the branch in Eagleton (ugh!), is introduced in season six and joins Pawnee's Parks and Recreation staff as an associate administrator. In addition to being a sommelier, Craig is known for his, er, volatile outbursts and passionate opinions. "It's called caring too much, and it's incurable!" he reminds the office in one episode, and it's lines like this that still have me cracking up five years after the series ended. See a montage of some of Billy Eichner's best moments as Craig here, and prepare to laugh so hard that you'll need a 45-minute nap afterwards — no, a full hour!