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Leslie and Ann's Friendship on Parks and Recreation

How Leslie Knope and Beautiful Tropical Fish Ann Perkins Set the Standard For TV Friendship

Leslie and Ann's Friendship on Parks and Recreation
Image Source: NBC

Parks and Recreation has been off the air for a few years now, but thanks to the power of modern technology (i.e., Netflix and Hulu), you can still revisit the series, especially in these uncertain times. In a TV show full of straight-up nice people, one of the best friendships (and dude, there are so many good ones) is that of Ann and Leslie.

The nurse and the public servant don't even know each other when the series kicks off, but by the end of the show, you've watched them create and nurture the greatest love of all. They also teach us lessons in how to get there along the way: being supportive when your friend needs you, being tough when your friend is being a butthead, and delivering the most delicious, over-the-top compliments one could possibly dream up. Here's a tribute to the TV friendship that now sets the standard for TV friendships.

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