7 Moments That Show Why Blake Shelton Should Be Considered King of The Voice

Besides the outstanding (and sometimes underrated) vocal talents on The Voice, one of our favorite parts of the show has to be Blake Shelton. Out of the 16 coaches the series has seen, the 44-year-old country singer is the only one to have participated in all 20 seasons, and there's a reason for that. Shelton is the glue that holds his fellow coaches together, regardless of genre or age. He's just as comfortable in a bromance with Nick Jonas as he is with Adam Levine. If John Legend or Kelly Clarkson wants to roast the hell out of him, he'll dish it right back. Fans young and old can't help but be charmed by his shenanigans and the absolutely ridiculous things that sometimes come out of his mouth. It's hard to describe exactly why others, besides Shelton, should consider him "King of The Voice," but the following seven moments are a good start.

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When He Didn't Recognize an Old Bandmate During Auditions

As soon as Pete Mroz pointed at Blake Shelton during his performance of "Can't Find My Way Home," we knew something was up. "It sounds like there is some history there, and that's normally not a good thing with me," Shelton said with a laugh before Mroz revealed he'd initially been in a group called the Young Riders. "Oh my God," Shelton said, finally recognizing the singer. "I was in a group also called the Young Riders with Pete." Of course, Shelton's fellow coaches gave him a hard time.

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When He Portrayed Peak Blake Shelton Behavior

You never know what Shelton's going to do when the cameras roll on The Voice. Whether he's roasting his other coaches, wandering around the set, or trying to sway contestants to his side, he's always up to something. Examples of peak Shelton behavior include asking Pharrell Williams if his middle name is "Moist," losing his train of thought, and giving great advice like, "I'm Blake Shelton, and my word of advice to you is: do as I say, not as I do."

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When He "Revealed" Kelly Clarkson Got Adam Levine "Fired"

If you've ever wondered why Levine is no longer on The Voice, Shelton certainly put his own theories to the test to sway contestant Keegan Ferrell to his side. "First of all, I happen to be buddies with the guy who wrote and sang that song, and I want you to look, for just a second, at this coaching panel," Shelton stated as Clarkson looked on in shock. Clarkson eventually got to chime in, "Oh my God, we toured together!" To which Shelton retorted, "And then you got him fired." Whenever Clarkson and Shelton have a chance to play off of one another, especially when Levine is involved, you know it's going to be a good time.

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When He Showed Off His Signature Move

When Shelton busts out his signature move, aka "the point," you know it's about to go down. Whether he's trying to get contestants to join his team or taunting other coaches because of his numerous The Voice season wins, there's never really a wrong time for the move. Does it always work? Not exactly, but it always brings a smile to our faces.

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When He Instantly Regretted His Decision Not to Turn Around

While Shelton is quick to sing his own praises, he will own up to his mistakes every now and again. Although Jonas was the only coach to turn around for contestant Rachel Mac, her attentions were all on Shelton. When asked why she was so excited, all Mac could say was, "Oh my gosh, I love Blake Shelton. Hi, I'm sorry, Nick!" The other coaches couldn't help but laugh as Shelton yelled, "Damn it!" To add insult to injury, Mac even did a project on her love of Shelton in the fifth grade. "If she did her research about me, she knows I screw up a lot," Shelton added as the presentation was put on full display.

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When He Read an Article About Himself to Sway a Contestant to His Side

Shelton will literally do anything to get a contestant to join his team; it's part of his charm. One of the most ridiculous things he's ever done, besides not recognize a former bandmate, is read an article detailing how great of a coach he is on The Voice. "Blake Shelton is still the greatest of all time," he began as contestant Shane Q looked on. "That's a lot of arrogance from someone who just lost The Voice," season 16 winner Legend added. In case you're wondering whether Shelton's ploy worked, Shane Q ended up picking Clarkson as his coach.

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When He Became the Self-Proclaimed King of The Voice

While the only one currently calling Shelton "King of The Voice" might just be Shelton, he could be onto something. "The truth is, this is my show. I know it's called The Voice, but it's Blake Shelton's The Voice," he said in the clip. Plus, the audience absolutely adores when Shelton starts with his shenanigans and when he talks of past wins; a few were even caught bowing to him on camera. Do his fellow coaches agree with his belief that he's the king? Absolutely not, which is why their interactions are so freaking hilarious.