Chloe x Halle's Instagram Concert Gave Us Little Mermaid Tea, Ethereal Vocals, and New Music

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It's no secret that Chloe and Halle Bailey are blessed with sensational pipes, but it's always a pleasure to witness their undeniable raw talent. The sisters joined the multitude of artists who've put on virtual concerts for their social distancing fans during the coronavirus pandemic, utilizing their Beyoncé-blessed talents in collaboration with the World Health Organization and Global Citizen's concert campaign Together, At Home: Who-Global Citizen Solidarity Sessions.

The R&B duo encouraged their fans to continue practicing social distancing to flatten the curve, acknowledging the trials and tribulations of staying at home. They performed a few fan-favorite hits, including "The Kids Are Alright", "Happy Without Me", and "Cool People", and also teased snippets of two new songs, "Do It" and "Catch Up" from their upcoming album Ungodly Hour. Disney fans probably felt their skin tingle with excitement when Halle, who celebrates her 20th birthday on March 27, casually mentioned that she had been rehearsing for The Little Mermaid in London before she headed back home to stay with her family.

"Everything has been so exciting and everything is so amazing out there," the future live-action Ariel said with a smile worthy of a Disney Princess. "Being out there with the cast and rehearsing every day, we've all become such family and it makes me so happy." Chloe revealed that she visited during rehearsals and couldn't contain her happiness for her sister. Reader, to say their excitement has made me ten times more eager for the film is a severe understatement. Watch the sisters' Instagram concert above!