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Cruella: Watch This Exclusive Clip With Emma Stone

Emma Thompson Had a *Great* Time Playing Her Outrageous, Cucumber-Throwing Character in Cruella

Cruella de Vil has always been an iconic Disney villain — but just how did Cruella become so evil? The answer to that question is exactly why Cruella star Emma Stone wanted to be part of the new, wildly fun film.

In POPSUGAR's exclusive clip above, we get a look at some of young Cruella's antics as the film's stars share exactly what inspired them to take on this new 101 Dalmatians iteration. "I had always loved 101 Dalmatians," Stone said. "I thought she was over-the-top and hilarious and wild. When they said they were making an origin story, I did want to know the background of Cruella de Vil." But for her costar Emma Thompson, who hilariously plays the equally evil Baroness, it was, as you can imagine, an extremely fun time. "It's absolutely wonderful to play someone who's never nice to anybody, and who throws cucumber at her own staff," Thompson shared.

Watch it all in the full clip above, and check out Cruella, in theaters and streaming now on Disney+!

Image Source: Walt Disney Studios
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