Halle Bailey's Boyfriend, DDG, Reacts to Her "The Little Mermaid" Teaser: "I Caught Chills"

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Halle Bailey's teaser for "The Little Mermaid" may have blown her fans away, but it seems like no one is more proud than her boyfriend, DDG. The rapper/YouTuber reacted to the first trailer for the live-action film in a video posted on his YouTube channel on Sept. 12, three days after it was unveiled during this year's D23 expo. "This is what you call amazing," DDG says at the start of it. "I be telling [Halle] all the time, she don't even understand how great this is. This is incredible."

"She just don't understand how amazing she actually is."

Disney's 1:24 clip of Bailey features beautiful shots of her as Ariel underwater as she sings the iconic "Part of Your World" song from the original Disney movie. D23 audience members got to see the full musical sequence at the event, but Bailey and the teaser's theatrics were enough for DDG to make a nine-plus-minute video about them. "I teared up a little bit, not going to lie," he says halfway through the reaction video. "She sounds so good, man. She just don't understand how amazing she actually is. I be trying to tell her and she just be trying to be all humble and sh*t . . . Man, you better talk your sh*t."

DDG also acknowledges Bailey making history as the first Black woman to play her Disney character before showering her with more praise. "Do you hear how she held 'world'? Mind you, I hear this every morning. She sings all the time. I hear her singing in the living room, she really be singing everywhere she go. But it's just something different about this right here. I caught chills all through my body," he says.

Just as DDG states in his video, Disney's "The Little Mermaid" teaser is only a *tiny* glimpse of Bailey's performance in the movie. But it's already had a profound effect on fans who've seen it, especially little Black girls whose parents have filmed them enjoying the clip. One parent on TikTok captioned a video of their daughter, "When your favorite Disney princess looks like you." Another parent posted a TikTok video of their daughter captioned, "That's why representation matters! We can't wait to watch this ❤️." Even Bailey caught a sweet TikTok video of a little girl marveling over her movie's trailer posted via Twitter. "k i just sobbed watching this thanks 😭💕she's so sweet ❣️🥹," she wrote on Twitter on Sept. 11.

Bailey's highly anticipated "The Little Mermaid" is expected to arrive in theaters in May 2023. But until then, enjoy DDG's glowing commentary on the movie's trailer above.