Here's How Victoria F. Addressed All Those Rumors on The Bachelor's Women Tell All

Victoria F., perhaps the most controversial contestant on The Bachelor this year, appeared on the show's Women Tell All special to finally address the allegations that have circulated both on screen during the show and across social media since filming began.

If you were expecting some sort of tearful confession of wrongdoing, then we're sorry to say you'll be disappointed. Instead, Victoria was calm. "This was somebody who just didn't like me . . . I don't really know why she did it. I think maybe she just wanted to come on the show," she claimed when asked about Merissa Pence, her former acquaintance and Peter's long-ago ex who showed up to warn the pilot about Victoria during the hometown dates.

When asked by Chris Harrison about the now widely spread rumors that she has broken up relationships or marriages in the past, she answered with a definite "absolutely not." Still, she admitted, "I definitely could have handled it better. Obviously, I could have handled the whole f*cking season better."

It's worth noting that the Bachelor host did not ask Victoria about the other controversies surrounding her. Left unaddressed was the drama surrounding her relationship with Chase Rice, who appeared on an episode of the show, as well as her past modeling job where she wore "White Lives Matter attire" that led to her Cosmopolitan cover with Peter being canceled, according to the magazine. We'll probably never know the truth about what really happened with Victoria, but she's certainly gone down as one of the more memorable contestants in The Bachelor's history.