End of the F***ing World Season 2 Trailer: Alyssa Gets Married and James Is Probably Dead

"You can't escape from yourself."

That's the tagline for the second season of Netflix's The End of the F***ing World, and if that doesn't strike you as ominous as f*ck, you're a lot more optimistic than the rest of us. The trailer for the season has no dialogue, but there are plenty of looks and clues that nothing is right after James and Alyssa's road trip comes to a bloody end in season one. There's a wedding with a very reluctant bride, a new job at a diner, and a stalker we first met in the teaser images back in September. For some reason, Bonnie seems to be after Alyssa and, we're going to be honest, she doesn't look like she's trying to make friends.

With a bullet bearing James's name in the trailer and an urn appearing in the preview poster for the season, it looks like season two will follow the source material's story and give James a fatal ending. We wouldn't be upset following Alyssa's adventures for an entire season, especially since it looks like things are going to get properly dramatic. Watch the trailer above and see if you can suss out any clues before the second batch of episodes drops on Nov. 5!