The End of the F***ing World Season 2 Drops This November, and We're Worried About James

The End of the F***ing World returns to Netflix on Nov. 5, and we're full of questions about what the series's second season will include. After the shocking finale of season one, the fate of a main character is in serious question. And since the show has covered the entirety of the storyline from the Charles Forsman graphic novel it's based on, literally anything goes for season two.

When the British drama premiered back in January 2018, it took viewers on a wild adventure with two misfit teenagers who decide to ditch their homes and go on a road trip. James is a self-proclaimed psychopath who initially plans on killing Alyssa at some point along their adventure, and Alyssa is a soul-weary young woman, laden with rebellion and angst. Somehow, the two develop feelings for each other, murder a serial rapist, and Bonnie and Clyde their way to the coastline before they're discovered by the police. Don't even get me started on that cliffhanger!

Netflix first announced that the second season will premiere in November, as well as dropping our first look at Alyssa and a brand-new character. Then on Oct. 8, the Nov. 5 streaming date was released along with another photo of Alyssa, in what looks like either a wedding dress or a prom dress. It's worrying that there's no hide or hair of James to be found, but it's not as if Netflix would spoil his fate so early. We'll have to wait for more details as we get closer to the premiere, but until then, check out the released photos ahead, as well as some theories we have on what could be going down.


It looks like Alyssa's gotten a job in season two, which makes sense since she'll have a lot to make up for after her shenanigans with James, and money will definitely be a concern. There are no clues to whether she's returned home to her mother and stepfather or if she's all by her lonesome. One thing we can safely assume is she's not living with her father in his coastside mobile home.


According to Netflix, this is a new character named Bonnie, played by actress Naomi Ackie. Bonnie is described as an outsider with a troubled past and a mysterious connection to Alyssa, which we're definitely intrigued to learn more about. How do the two meet, and does Bonnie know about Alyssa's adventures with James?

Is Alyssa getting married?! This could be a wedding dress or a gown for a fancy party, but it looks pretty bridal to us. Considering how Alyssa doesn't seem like she's interested in settling into a marriage anytime soon, we're going to assume there aren't any wedding bells in her future. But this only leaves us with even more questions!