The Felicity Cast Reunited at the ATX Television Festival, and They Haven't Changed a Bit

Dear Sally . . . The Felicity cast reunited at the ATX Television Festival and the nostalgia is overwhelming. Members of the iconic show's original cast, including Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, Scott Foley, Amy Jo Johnson, Greg Grunberg, Amanda Foreman, Ian Gomez, Rob Benedict, and Tangi Miller, gathered onstage in Austin to answer audience questions, reminisce over the series's controversial last episodes, and talk about a possible reboot.

After the revivals of other fan-favorite shows like Full House and Gilmore Girls, the idea of a reboot was definitely on everyone's mind during the cast's panel. According to Deadline, Foley previously said he wouldn't be interested in bringing the show back, but changed his comments while with his castmates on Sunday, saying he'd love the "opportunity to see what happened" to the characters. Speedman reaffirmed Foley's comments and said, "There's a way to make it work."

A reboot? It's starting to feel like 1998 all over again. While you wait for more details about a possible revival, read on to see more snaps of the cast's reunion and panel. They'll throw you back about 20 years.