Watch Queen Elsa Belt Out Frozen 2's Grand Wintery Number, "Into the Unknown"

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As expected, Frozen 2 brought fans exciting twists and turns and an undeniably catchy soundtrack that we'll be rocking out to well into the new year. On Dec. 5, Disney released the full video of the record-breaking sequel's most defining song, "Into the Unknown," and we're getting chills just listening to Idina Menzel belt out those high notes!

Written by Oscar winners Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the musical scene shows Queen Elsa as she ruminates on her desires to venture into, well, the unknown! Elsa — who was always a bit repressed with hiding her powers in the first film and taking on the crown under a lot of stress — sings along with a mysterious voice about feeling like there must be something more for her outside Arendelle. We won't spoil the movie, but let's just say that Elsa definitely gets a taste of the unknown after this musical sequence! Watch the video above.