CAOS: 30 People Who'd Go to Hell and Back to Make Sure Sabrina and Nick End Up Together

By the time you finish watching Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's second season, you'll probably find yourself obsessed with a few things: black turtlenecks, the legend of Lillith, headbands, and, most importantly, Nicholas freakin' Scratch.

Although season one focused on Sabrina's (Kiernan Shipka) relationship with her mortal boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch), the season one finale ends with the two breaking things off now that 'Brina has embraced her darker, witchier side. Season two still finds the former couple with a bit of unfinished business between them, but for the most part, Sabrina happily moves on with her new warlock boyfriend, Nick Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood).

In addition to being charming, sarcastic, and handsome AF, Nick clearly cares deeply about Sabrina in a way that Harvey never did or could; he supports her evolution as a powerful witch rather than restraining her or asking her to give up her powers. Oh, and the way he calls her "babe" is enough to make anyone — mortal, witch, demon, or otherwise — weak in the knees.

Given how Nick's fate is left uncertain at the end of season two, fans are more impassioned than ever about the fact that he and Sabrina should be endgame, rather than Sabrina reuniting with Harvey. (Am I the only one who actually really loved him and Ros together? The chemistry!) See the greatest reactions to their love story this season ahead, but be warned: a few spoilers for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season two are scattered throughout!