The Frame TV Is My Favorite Home Upgrade, and It's 25% Off Right Now

samsung frame tv review
POPSUGAR Photography | Angela Elias
POPSUGAR Photography | Angela Elias
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I first discovered Samsung's The Frame TV several years ago on Instagram, where home influencers would point out the undercover televisions masquerading as framed art in their meticulously designed living rooms. They were beautiful, of course, but it was hard to justify the splurge without fully understanding how the technology worked or seeing one in real life. When the 2022 model was released, I had the opportunity to test out a 55-inch Frame TV ($1,048, originally $1,398) in my own home. (In case you missed that price, I'll reiterate: that's 25 percent off the regular price during Amazon's Spring Sales Event.)

The Frame has come a long way since it was first introduced in 2017. The 2022 model includes an antiglare matte display, something that makes a big difference in rooms that get a lot of natural light, like my living room. It also automatically adjusts screen brightness, which helps it to look less like a television and more like art when it's in art mode. Like the 2021 model, it's 45 percent thinner and hangs flush against the wall. It even comes with a slim-fit wall mount, which makes it easy to hang right out of the box.

POPSUGAR Photography | Angela Elias

What I Like About The Frame TV

The Frame TV tugs at my minimalist heartstrings. Instead of the jumble of thick black cords that need to be corralled with other TVs, The Frame TV has a single clear cable that is so thin it practically disappears. This single cord is 16-feet long and connects the TV to the One Connect Box. The One Connect Box is where you can plug in you external devices. We connected my son's Nintendo Switch and our Apple TV. Since the clear cord is so long, you have the flexibility of connecting everything from game consoles to satellite receivers to your TV without needing to place them next to the TV. It's a great option if you want to hang your TV in a tricky place, like above a fireplace mantle.

I was excited to swap out our clunky media cabinet for a slim, vintage entryway console. It's not something I'd typically consider using for a media console because it doesn't have any drawers or cabinets to hide things, but with The Frame TV, you don't need them. I was able to conceal the One Connect Box with all of our external devices inside of a woven storage bin that I placed on the lower shelf of our console. To hide everything without having to cut holes in my bin, I grabbed one that needed to be assembled and slipped the game console and Apple TV cords underneath before securing the bottom piece of the bin.

POPSUGAR Photography | Angela Elias

I topped the console with books and decorative objects and strategically placed a vase of flowers to cover the thin clear cord so that it's truly invisible. When The Frame TV is on art mode, you would never even know there's a TV there, even though it's 55-inches and would otherwise be hard to ignore.

I also appreciate the flexibility that comes with being able to easily switch up the art that I choose to display, which is something I wouldn't otherwise be able to do with large-scale art, which is its own investment. I can access a selection of free art from the Samsung art store, which partners with museums around the world and brands like Minted and Etsy. I can "favorite" the options I like most as I'm browsing to save them for quick access when I'm ready to switch things up. I can even upload my own family and travel photos through my phone to display and choose mat options or go mat-free, depending on the look I want. You can also purchase a membership to access a 1,400-piece inventory of art for a monthly fee — I haven't felt the need to go that route, but it's an option.

POPSUGAR Photography | Angela Elias

What's Worth Noting About The Frame TV

As I mentioned earlier, The Frame TV is definitely a splurge. It starts at $598 for a 32-inch TV and goes up to $3,500 (originally $4,298) for an 85-inch TV. I highly recommend using painter's tape to outline the size you think you'll want in the space you have in mind. TV sizes are measured diagonally, so make sure you note the width and height of the size you're considering.

Aside from the slim-fit wall mount, One Connect Box, and cable, it also comes with a remote control that includes voice activation and is even solar charged, so you don't have to worry about replacing the batteries. What isn't included, though, is the magnetic frame that you attach to the TV to give it that framed art look. This is a key accessory for achieving the coveted look, so it's an additional cost you have to budget for. I chose the Customizable Bezel Frame in beige and love the way it pops against my white walls and the black TV when it's turned off.

Who Is The Frame TV Best For?

The Samsung Frame TV is ideal for people who want the option of having a TV be the focus of a room when it's on but fade into the room when it isn't being watched. This can be especially vital for small-space living or open-concept homes. If you're renting and can't cut into your wall to hide cords, or if you don't like the look of the TV cord cover strips, this is an excellent option. It's also ideal if you want to hang your TV in a spot that's far away from an outlet, since the connection cord is 16-feet long yet discreet.

Is The Frame TV Worth the Splurge?

If you have the budget and prioritize aesthetics, I think Samsung The Frame TV is worth the money. The difference between what a typical TV looks like on the wall vs. The Frame TV is night and day. Yes, you can find a TV with 4K resolution in the same size for almost half the price, but it won't blend in seamlessly with your decor like The Frame TV does. If you try putting an image of art on another type of TV, you have to worry about the image burning into the screen if it's on for too long. You don't have to worry about that with The Frame TV because it is LCD. You can also try to DIY a wooden frame on a regular TV, but even thin TV's don't lay flush against the wall, and it can be tricky to DIY a frame that doesn't awkwardly stick out from the screen.

Additional Details

  • Customizable-bezel-frame options: There are six bezel-frame color options for the 55-inch Frame TV, so you can choose a style that best suits your decor.
  • 4K QLED picture quality: It includes dual LED backlighting technology that delivers authentic colors and crisp imagery in every picture mode and from different viewing angles.
  • PC on TV feature: You can work seamlessly from your living room by downloading the PC on TV app to your computer and connecting a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.
  • Mobile mirroring: You can also mirror your smartphone on The Frame, which is especially great for video chatting.
POPSUGAR Photography | Angela Elias

Where Is The Frame TV Available?

You can buy Samsung's The Frame TV ($1,500) directly from Samsung as well as other retailers like Amazon.


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