The Internet Has Tons of Feelings About the Live-Action Aladdin, and Most of Them Are Bad

This week, Disney unveiled the official first look at the live-action Aladdin, and reader, it did not go well. Fans of the original were understandably nervous when the first poster and teaser trailer dropped back in October. Well, now that we're finally getting a look at the cast in all their glory, we're . . . even more nervous than we were before. Why is Jasmine wearing a Western-inspired corset with jewels from JoAnn Fabrics? Why does Aladdin look like he'll ghost you after a first date and then hit you up at 3 a.m. a year later? Why does the genie look like . . . that?

One quick pass on Twitter later, I realized that much of the internet feels this way. It seems very few people are on board with this live-action remake and its look and feel — which, of course, begs the next obvious question: why does this keep happening?! Anyway, the whole ordeal has led to a good and proper roasting on Twitter, and I'm happy to present some of the tweets that really had me trying to hold in my laughter at my desk.