People on Twitter Are Having the Time of Their Lives Reacting to This Flirty Dancing Clip

Hopeless romantics and cynics of the internet are coming together to debate over a very important topic: is Flirty Dancing genius or too sweet to stomach? The UK-based reality show centers around strangers who learn choreography separately and then meet for the first time to dance as a duo. Now in its second season — and coming to the US soon — the Channel 4 series sparked a conversation across the pond after a tweet from writer Justin Kirkland went viral.

I have been introduced to #FlirtyDancing—a blind date show where two people learn a dance separately and then must perform it upon meeting each other—and now I'm RUINED.

— Justin Kirkland (@justinkirkland4) November 17, 2019

Blind dates are intimidating all on their own, but add in the element of memorized dance? Well, that definitely requires some extra confidence. It couldn't be me, but good for these dancers, who appear to be having the time of their lives. I'll gladly stay put in a corner so these folks can shine. If this looks like your cup of tea, be sure to catch Flirty Dancing when it premieres on Fox on Dec. 29. For those who are still undecided — you're not alone. Keep reading to see passionate reactions from both sides.

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Catch Flirty Dancing When It Premieres in the US Next Month!