My Knees Are Aching Just Watching This Incredible "Don't Start Now" Dance Video

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Dua Lipa says "Don't Start Now," but what happens if I can't stop? For instance, I can't stop listening to her new hit single or watching dance videos set to her song. The catchy bop is the perfect song for jam sessions or for some energetic choreography, as shown by instructor Hamilton Evans and the performers at Millennium Dance Complex in LA. The dancers don't hold back for the Dua Lipa-themed performance, and they give their all to the body rolls and spins. My knees hurt just watching the split-second drops to the floor. Hamilton is the creative mind behind some of my favorite routines, from a sexy dance set to Normani's "Motivation" to some Lizzo choreography that'll make you "f*ck it up to the tempo." Watch the full routine above.