Dean Is Back in Stars Hollow! Check Out All the Pictures From the Gilmore Girls Reboot

We've been poring over every detail about the Gilmore Girls reboot since the Netflix series was announced, and now we've got even more to scrutinize: pictures from the new episodes (which the creators are calling "movies"). Here's a quick rundown on what we can glean so far:

  1. Rory's back at Chilton, talking about Jane Eyre — but is she a teacher or just visiting? I'm betting on just visiting.
  2. Luke and Lorelai are looking happier than ever, and Luke's wardrobe has evolved zero percent.
  3. Rory and Lorelai are trying out for the town musical, which we know is where Sutton Foster comes in — and is that one of Lane and Zach's twin boys with them?
  4. The girls are still maintaining their strict diet of coffee, Pop-Tarts, and takeout.
  5. Luke's diner is still in business.
  6. Jess is back in Stars Hollow, at least to visit to his uncle Luke.
  7. Dean also appears to be back in town, and is having a nice chat with Rory.
  8. Logan is as gorgeous as ever.
  9. Rory is still tight friends with Lane and Paris.
  10. The show will pay tribute to actor Edward Herrmann as the ladies visit a gravesite.
  11. Emily somehow looks even better with age!