The Will & Grace Theme Song Has Had Lyrics All This Time?!

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The Will & Grace reboot is only days away from its Sept. 28 premiere, so the cast is celebrating accordingly. The adorable foursome — Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally, and Sean Hayes — popped up on The Tonight Show on Friday night, where they sang the show's catchy piano theme song.

"Wait a second," you might be thinking to yourself. "The Will & Grace theme song has lyrics?!"

No, no it doesn't. But in honor of the comedy's highly anticipated return, the cast decided to write their own. Naturally Mullally and Hayes got the best lines. "It's more fun than you could ever know. Only show on NBC not set in Chicago," Mullally sings, before Hayes adds, "It just might be the best show in the whole universe, but it's still on NBC so we can't f*cking curse." Trust us when we say the chorus ("Get down! Will & Grace is coming to town!") will be stuck in your head all day. Check it out above, then stream the original episodes before the premiere!