Where Are the Great British Baking Show Winners Now? Here Are the Updates!

Winning The Great British Baking Show (known as The Great British Bake Off everywhere outside of the US) takes stamina, creativity, and a lot of cakes, but securing that title means instant fame. The show was a hit in the UK from the moment it debuted back in 2010, and ever since episodes started airing on PBS and past seasons landed on Netflix, America is obsessed as well. Leaving that big white tent as a winner has been the start of a dream life for those who won the trophy, with all of them going on to make their passion for baking a part of everyday life. They've published books, appeared on other TV shows, and shared their tips on podcasts and social media.

We've rounded up what the nine winners of The Great British Baking Show are up to now, but be warned: seasons are known as "series" in the UK, and they aired out of sequence in the US. Listed below we have each winner by series, along with a link to the "collection" it corresponds to on Netflix (if available). Confusing, we know! And no, this doesn't include the winner of the latest collection, currently streaming weekly on Netflix — no spoilers here!

Edd Kimber, Series 1 (2010)

The first-ever winner is still writing, talking about, and baking cakes all these years after his famous victory. As well as publishing three books, Edd is a regular contributor for a whole host of magazines, as well as a favorite on TV shows. Oh, and he's a podcast star, too, hosting Stir the Pot. His blog, The Boy Who Bakes, has been going strong for a decade now, and when he's not adding recipes and stories to that, he's also sharing his travel tips on Instagram. Edd is one busy baker.

Joanne Wheatley, Series 2 (2011)

Jo Wheatley hasn't stopped baking since becoming the first female winner seven years ago. After publishing two books, she continues to make regular TV and radio appearances and also runs cooking classes and schools, sharing her tips for perfect bakes.

The mother of three has also seen her family grown since her win — she's now a proud grandma to two gorgeous little boys who are often seen enjoying her family bakes on her Instagram, which also features even more of her recipes.

John Whaite, Series 3 (2012)

The man who got out a hairdryer to perfect the showstopper that won him the title in 2012 has packed in plenty since winning the show. John's published a string of books and set up his own cooking school, as well sharing hundreds of tips and recipes on Instagram and Twitter. He also copresented the cooking show Chopping Block, and regularly appears on TV and radio as a cooking and baking expert.

As if that wasn't enough, he's gone back to his roots as well. John entered the show as a law student and he's now taken up his first love again again, beginning a course in September 2018 that he hopes will see him qualify as a lawyer.

Watch The Beginnings on Netflix.

Frances Quinn, Series 4 (2013)

Frances Quinn was a surprise winner back in 2013, claiming the crown in the final despite never being named Star Baker during the series itself. Frances won with a showstopper of a wedding cake and her eye for design was given a new outlet in her book Quintessential Baking. She's also a frequent contributor on radio and TV shows, talking about cooking. She's also gone on to be a world record holder, creating the biggest ever jaffa cake for a radio program in 2017. Her monster bake was nearly four square feet when finished, and was covered in 33 pounds of chocolate.

Watch Collection 2 on Netflix.

Nancy Birtwhistle, Series 5 (2014)

Nancy Birtwhistle describes her win as a "life changer" on her website and it's easy to see why. Since being crowned champion in 2014, Nancy has taken up all kinds of opportunities from writing to cooking shows to acting. She's been a regular at food fairs and baking shows across the UK, and is also in demand as a teacher and guide, offering lessons to all age groups. She's a familiar face and voice on UK media, and her own Twitter and Instagram accounts are filled with tips on cooking, as well as her other passions: gardening and looking after her pets.

And when she's not cooking, Nancy has nine grandchildren to help keep her busy.

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Nadiya Hussain, Series 6 (2015)

Arguably the most famous winner to date, Nadiya has worked nonstop since the victory that reduced former judge, Mary Berry, to tears and sent millions reaching for the tissues at the same time. This year alone has seen her star in a new BBC series, Nadiya's Family Favourites, with a book to accompany the show. In fact, Nadiya has written six books in total since her win and presented a string of high profile programs as well as debuting her own range of homeware.

And just to cement her place in the nation's heart at the ultimate winner, Nadiya also baked a very special birthday cake for the queen when her majesty turned 90 in 2016, presenting the ultimate showstopper to Elizabeth II at Windsor.

Watch Collection 3 on Netflix.

Candice Brown, Series 7 (2016)

Candice's lipstick was almost as famous as her cakes as she stormed to an effortless win in series seven, but it's her baking that's turned her into a star since her victory. As well as finishing her book, Candice writes regularly for magazines and newspapers, and she's also a popular guest cook on TV program. The former PE teacher has also appeared on celebrity reality shows, taking part in 2018's Dancing on Ice, while her wedding over the Summer in 2018 was the subject of an exclusive magazine shoot.

Watch Collection 4 on Netflix.

Sophie Faldo, Series 8 (2017)

Calm, cool, consistent Sophie powered her way to a big win in 2017, a victory made even more famous when judge, Prue Leith, accidentally gave the result away on Twitter hours before the show aired. Sophie, who has a degree in psychology, was an army officer for several years, training at Sandhurst — the same elite officer school attended by Prince William and Prince Harry — and going on to serve in Afghanistan.

She was working as a stuntwoman when she entered the show, but since clinching the title, she's gone on to appear on TV and radio and at food festivals across the UK. Oh, and she loves cats as her Instagram proves, with Odin the kitten making regular appearances.

Watch Collection 5 on Netflix.

Rahul Mandal, Series 9 (2018)
Getty | Joe Maher

Rahul Mandal, Series 9 (2018)

The newest champion won hearts across the UK with his self-effacing nature and constant worrying he wasn't good enough, when everyone watching could see that Rahul was a star baker — and then some. Rahul began baking to make new friends after moving to the UK from Kolkata, India, in 2010 to study for a PhD. Since his appearance on the show, he's been spotted taking in bakes for colleagues at the research center he's currently working at.

The famously shy Rahul isn't on social media, but he's got plenty of time to sort that out.

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