Halsey's "Graveyard" Video Is Basically Euphoria's Carnival Episode — Even Sydney Sweeney Is in It

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Halsey's heaven is an empty amusement park painted entirely white. In her music video for "Graveyard," the singer does as the song says and follows her love into the afterlife after an ecstatic evening going on carnival rides and dancing beside them in out-of-place, puffy-sleeved prom dresses.

Halsey's love, in this case, is a vanishing, ethereal figure she dreamed up in a drawing, portrayed by Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney. The casting choice is fitting, given that the video draws visual comparisons to the HBO show's now-famous carnival episode.

This is also technically Halsey's second video for the song: in the first time-lapse video, which was released on the same day as the song, she's shown painting a self-portrait. Watch the new video above.