Sara Lee Is Taking All Your Dirty Instagram Comments in Stride Following Wild SNL Sketch

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Harry Styles gave viewers quite the show during his Saturday Night Live hosting debut, from portraying Aidy Bryant's beloved dog to dropping a brand-new single. But we have to admit, his performance as a Sara Lee social media manager gone rogue took the cake. (Get it? Because Sara Lee makes desserts?) Styles's character Dylan gets called in for leaving some filthy comments under the profiles of Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes, and a random influencer, as well as posting some revealing captions for the brand's posts. Let's just say, everyone realizes that it's time to "get rid of toxic in the community."

While the skit is legitimately hilarious — at one point Dylan admits that he wrote a post at 4 a.m. while still on a poppers high — fans couldn't help but take it to the next level by leaving their own dirty comments under the brand's actual Instagram posts. The bread account was hit by a barrage of comments referencing the sketch, like "wreck me daddy" and "destroy me king." While folks were momentarily horrified by the disappearance of said comments, the brand revealed that it hid the comments until it figured out why people wanted to get "railed to death" by a loaf of bread.

"We didn't know about or participate in the creation of the skit so as you can imagine, waking up to all those comments threw us for a bit of a loop," Sara Lee revealed to the Advocate in a statement on Sunday. "We didn't delete any comments but did temporarily hide them until we could read through and understand what happened. All comments are now visible and we will be monitoring for any that violate Instagram standards. While the explicit jokes in the skit do not align with Sara Lee Bread's brand, we know SNL pushes the envelope for laughs and are taking it all in stride."

In case you don't know, that's Sara Lee speak for being on your first warning!