Harry Styles's "Watermelon Sugar" Video Is the Sensual Beachside Romp We've Been Craving

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If summer has been feeling like a foreign concept to you lately, Harry Styles is here to give you a sweet taste of that sunshine and merriment you've been missing. The Fine Line singer dropped his
highly anticipated music video for "Watermelon Sugar", and it's more than just a fun, colorful trip to the beach. Unlike his innovative performance on The Late Late Show's "Crosswalk the Musical" segment, the "Watermelon Sugar" video is more like a cool glass of water when you've been parched for days. Especially when you've been parched for human contact, since the video began with the disclaimer that it's "dedicated to touching." The dedication fits, since the entire video is a sensory trip down memory lane, reminding you of days that smell like coconut-scented sunscreen, sand in places you can't mention, and "that summer feelin'."

Oceanside on a beach that reminds us of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" video, Styles and a group of beautiful people writhe sensually on beach towels and munch ravenously on watermelon, which will no doubt be the fodder for many a summer meme. If the slow beat and lyrics like "I just wanna taste it" and "I want your belly and that summer feelin'" didn't clue you into exactly what kind of high Styles is singing about, the video will fill in the blanks. Ah, to be young and feeling that summer heat. We're definitely adding this to our list of favorite videos from the One Direction alum.