The Hobbs and Shaw Soundtrack Is Guaranteed to Rev Your Engines

Every Fast and Furious film is packed with fights, wicked-fast driving (of course), and a banger of a soundtrack you can't help but play on repeat — and the franchise's newest film, Hobbs & Shaw, is no exception.

The Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham spinoff is possibly the biggest entry in the franchise yet, with higher stakes (a world-ending supervirus!), more eye-popping stunts (lassoing a helicopter to a daisy chain of vehicles!), a bad guy with actual superpowers, and a protagonist that literally towers over nearly everyone in the film. The soundtrack — it might come as no surprise — is therefore also no exception to the bigger-is-better philosophy of the movie, and fuels the high-octane action with driving beats and pounding bass.

Featuring adrenaline-heavy tracks from YUNGBLUD, Aloe Blacc, and Tha Movement, as well as an original song written and performed by star and DJ Idris Elba, the music running through Hobbs & Shaw is like a NOS button for your ears, guaranteed to get you pumped up and ready for some serious action.

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"Time in A Bottle" by YUNGBLUD

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"Better As One" by The Heavy

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"100 Miles and Running" by Logic feat. Wale & John Lindahl

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"Next Level" by A$ton Wyld

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"Even If I Die (Hobbs & Shaw) [Hybrid Remix]" by Idris Elba feat. Cypress Hill

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"Keep You Alive" by Brothers Voodoo

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"I'm Comin' Home" by Aloe Blacc & AG

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"Masta" by Tha Movement feat. POETIK, SMV, King Kapisi, MC Arme, Kas Tha Feelstyle, Mareko

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"All Roads Lead Home (Hobbs & Shaw Remix)" by Ohana Bam feat. Token

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"Getting Started (Hobbs & Shaw)" by Aloe Blacc feat. J.I.D

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"Hobbs & Shaw Rocks!" by Tyler Bates

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"Even If I Die (Hobbs & Shaw)" by Idris Elba feat. Cypress Hill