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Bridgerton: How Old Are the Characters in Season 2?

How Old Are the Characters in "Bridgerton"? Let's Investigate

Bridgerton: How Old Are the Characters in Season 2?
Image Source: Netflix

It's easy to assume that the characters in Netflix's hit series "Bridgerton" are older than they're supposed to be. For one, the actors playing these roles are often older than the characters they portray. Secondly, the show is all about settling down and getting married — something that so many people do at an older age now. But let's consider that this is Regency London, at a time when people got married and started families very young. So yes, most of these young ladies being presented to the queen are probably teenagers. But figuring out just how old each of the characters is can prove to be tricky. Some of their ages are mentioned in the show, but for others, we dug into the pilot script, the "Bridgerton" books, and some context clues to figure out their ages. Here's what we found.

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