Luke Newton Didn't Want to Watch Those Steamy "Bridgerton" Scenes With His Parents Either

"Bridgerton" might not be Luke Newton's first acting gig, but it's certainly been his biggest thus far. As the third child of the Bridgerton family, Colin is a bit of a free spirit who enjoys traveling, food, and his best friend Penelope. What's fun about Newton playing this role is that he's quite similar to his character — and he and Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope, have become tight in real life as well.

There's more to Newton, though, than his character on "Bridgerton." The British actor didn't love school, he told "The Independent" this month, until he started acting classes. "That's when I really felt like I started to love being... in a learning environment because before then I'd loved my drama class and loved music and PE but other than that I didn't really get on at school," he said. This put him on the path that led him to Netflix and Shonda Rhimes with "Bridgerton." And while we can't imagine him as anyone other than Colin Bridgerton, he originally auditioned to play the Duke of Hastings. He told "The Independent" that it wasn't until his second audition that he was seen for Colin instead. And the rest is history!

Get to know Newton even more with the fun facts ahead.


He Can Dance

Well, he tries to at least! Newton told Gentleman's Journal that while the cast of "Bridgerton" was filming season two of the show, they danced between scenes. "When we did start filming, though, we learned a modern dance," he said. "Not for the show, but for something to do at midday, or post-lunch when we were all feeling low in energy. We'd turn this track on — 'We Are Family' by Sister Sledge — and dance around to that. It's really nice, for everyone to just get in a room and mess around; to have some fun."

He Loves Food as Much as Colin Bridgerton
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He Loves Food as Much as Colin Bridgerton

In the "Bridgerton" books, Colin is known for having a voracious appetite. Adding his own two cents to Netflix when crafting the show, he asked if that detail about the character could remain, because he also loves to eat (which he tweets about frequently). He told "The Independent," "I spoke to the team and said, 'If there's a dinner scene, if there's a scene where we're having tea, can he always just have a plateful?' I'm really excited for [the fans] to see their direct input, like, 'Luke loves food like Colin does.'"


He's Dyslexic and Has ADHD

It hasn't been easy to read scripts over the years, as Newton is dyslexic and was diagnosed with ADHD. It actually made him think when he was younger that he couldn't be an actor. He told Page Six, "If I get sent a project [and asked], 'Can you read this script and tape for it over the weekend?' It would take me four days, while other actors can smash through a script in a couple of hours. It's definitely challenging for me." However, he added that when he originally got his "Bridgerton" scripts, he found it a bit easier to read them, because he was so drawn to the story.

He's Admittedly Shy
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He's Admittedly Shy

It's easy to think that someone who has made a career of playing characters on screen would be bold and outgoing, but Newton says he's not. He told POPSUGAR in 2021 that he's a shy person, especially when it comes to making a move. "I think sometimes people would think that I have a lack of interest or that I'm being too abrupt or seem rude," he said. "Back when we could have parties last, I remember wanting to introduce myself to a group of people, but I just felt quite intimidated. And I was like, 'Oh, I don't want to.' So, I had to get a mate to be like, 'This is Luke. He's my friend.'"


He Had a Role in "Book of Mormon" on the West End

Despite struggling with dyslexia and ADHD, Newton pursued acting, telling "The Independent" that he was drawn to musical theater because music was easier for him to grasp. He got his theater break when he was cast as the understudy for the lead role of Elder Price in "Book of Mormon" on the West End while still in school. "It was just a really overwhelming experience," he said of the gig. "I never thought that leaving college I'd go straight into the West End, I felt so lucky to be given that opportunity. That whole year, it's almost a blur now, I just was on such a high the whole time."


He's an Elvis Presley Fan

Not only has Newton Instagrammed about Elvis Presley a few times, but he also mentioned in an interview that he's a fan. He told F*cking Young magazine that he grew up listening to Elvis and still considers him a go-to in his playlists.


He Was a Little Embarrassed by the Steamy "Bridgerton" Scenes

Newton is nearly 30 years old, but he still didn't want to be in the room when his parents watched any of the sexy scenes in "Bridgerton" season one. He told Hey U Guys at the season two premiere that he was at home with his family watching the first season in sweatpants, but he left the room when the steamy scenes were on. We understand — season one was pretty steamy.


He's Friends With Yungblud

Newton and Yungblud (whose real name is Dominic Harrison) filmed "The Lodge" together a few years ago and remain friendly. The British singer has popped up on Newton's Instagram a handful of times, and Newton also told F*cking Young magazine that he listens to Yungblud's music regularly in support. "I'm actually listening to Yungblud a lot right now," he said. "He's an old friend, and I'll never get used to hearing him on the radio."