We Figured Out the Exact Date Jack Died on This Is Us, and It's Heartbreaking

This Is Us has been dropping clue after clue about Jack's death this season, and the show finally tied up a bunch of loose ends during Tuesday night's episode. Not only do we learn how the fire started in the Pearson home (we're still recovering, TBH), but the show also confirms once and for all how old Jack is when he dies. Spoiler: he was taken way too soon.

During a scene between Kevin and Randall in present day, Randall explains that he can't believe it's been 20 years since their father died. Seeing that the Big Three recently celebrated their 37th birthday, that would place them at 17 years old when their father dies.

Another clue during the episode is which teams are playing during the Super Bowl. When Jack and Rebecca are sitting on the couch watching the game, you can almost make out "Elway" (as in John Elway from the Denver Broncos) written on the back of one of the jerseys on TV. At another point during the scene, there is also a flash of a "G" for Green Bay Packers written above the score. Since the two football teams played against each other during the Super Bowl XXXII, that would mean Jack dies on the night of Jan. 25, 1998.

Seeing that Jack is 36 when the Big Three are born, that would mean he is 53 when he dies. Adding more salt to the wound, the anniversary of his death also falls just two days after the air date for Tuesday night's episode. Since the upcoming Super Bowl episode will focus on how he died, does that mean the season two finale will focus on the 20th anniversary of his death in present day? If so, we are not prepared.