How Powerful, Exactly, Is Captain Marvel? The Answer Is VERY

With the long-awaited release of Captain Marvel, I am shaking and fully embracing the gospel of Carol Danvers. I'm not just excited because this is the first Marvel film with a female lead front and center, although that is a major sticking point (along with the '90s-tastic setting and delightful Blockbuster cameo). On an even larger scale, this one badass lady may just be the key to saving the Avengers. Yeah, she literally may be able to undo the damage of the mighty Thanos.

How powerful is Captain Marvel, you ask? Well, with the full range of abilities she possesses, she's quite the worthy foe. She has the powers of flight, enhanced strength, and durability (which we know from her flights through space) and can shoot concussive energy bursts — that's something we got to see way back when the trailer was first released. What's more, she just might have some of the abilities attributed to Mar-Vell in the comic books, since the character is "a mentor-like figure as [Carol Danvers] comes into her powers" in the film. (Annette Bening does the honors.)


That skillset packs quite a wallop: the ability to "metabolize solar energy and convert it for a variety of uses, including superhuman strength, the projection of photon energy blasts, and flight," according to the comics. There's also something called "Cosmic Awareness," which could increase intellect and grant "limited precognitive powers and the ability to ascertain an opponent's weakness."

So there you have it. Truth be told, the Captain Marvel movie functions more as an origin story, of sorts, but once she fully realizes her abilities, she's a force to be reckoned with. In fact, she may become one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe at full potential. And given her close relationship to Nick Fury and her surprise appearance at the Avengers compound in the postcredits scene for Captain Marvel, Thanos should absolutely be worried. The universe is in good hands.