Ariana Grande Might Have a Secret Feature on Mac Miller's Posthumous Album, Circles

Mac Miller's posthumous album, Circles, dropped on Jan. 17, and it has fans deep in their feelings. While many listeners are praising the LP for its moving lyricism and emotive sounds, some are speculating that Ariana Grande — whom Miller dated from 2016 to 2018 — makes a subtle appearance. According to some fans with apparently sharp ears, Grande faintly sings on the fifth track, "I Can See." Although Miller is the only artist credited on the dreamy song, the faint background vocals in the chorus sound very similar to Grande's harmonies.

Grande, who collaborated with the late rapper on 2013's "The Way" and 2016's "My Favorite Part," hasn't confirmed or denied her appearance on the new tune, and her reps told Vulture they had "no comment" regarding the query. But the day before Circles dropped, Grande tweeted, "I love adding more harmonies than anyone will ever notice or hear that no one ever asked for or needed." Ahead, listen to "I Can See" and keep your ears perked!

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