WandaVision: Everyone Thinks Wanda Created the Westview Hex, but What If She Had Help?

WandaVision's fifth episode packed a powerful punch, and not just because it featured a huge surprise cameo. Episode four ended with Monica Rambeau telling her fellow S.W.O.R.D. agents that, "It's all Wanda," and in the following installment, she reiterates that she believes Wanda created the bubble around Westview to live out her life with her family. As Jimmy, Monica, and Darcy attempt to piece together all the information they've collected, they surmise that the "Hex," as Darcy Lewis happily dubs it, actively alters reality, which explains why Monica's era-appropriate outfit is made of 87 percent kevlar — it's actually the bullet proof vest she went into the Hex wearing.

Jimmy poses the question of how Wanda was able to revive Vision and now control everything within the Hex, which takes much more power than she's ever displayed before. Although Monica points out that Wanda has always had enormous power, the question is subtly brought up again later in the episode. After a long "day" of tension rising between Wanda and Vision, the latter reveals that he broke through Norm's conditioning at the office, discovering that he's under the control of a woman Vision assumes is Wanda. The two argue with Vision retorting that Wanda can't control him, to which she cooly responds asking him, "Can't I?"

But as their argument flows into the living room, seemingly almost coming to blows, Wanda's weariness breaks through. "Do you really think that I am controlling everything," she asks Vision. "That I am somehow in charge of everybody in Westview? I'm walking their dogs, mowing their lawns, getting them to dentists appointments on time? I don't even know how any of this started in the first place." She's visibly frustrated that Vision doesn't believe her, especially when the doorbell rings during the middle of their argument. But if nothing else makes it clear that Wanda is not in total control of Westview, the next moment definitely does. To Wanda's stunned surprise, her brother Pietro (or at least a New Jersey version of him) appears at her doorstep, ready to be welcomed back into his sister's arms like he never left.

While many things have made it seem like Wanda controls the sitcom life in the Hex, this surprise visit is a prime example of how she's taken by surprise by many instances. She was just as clueless as Vision when they first arrived in Westview, not having any answers for Agnes or the Harts when they asked about her and Vision's relationship. She didn't plan her pregnancy, she couldn't control the stork, she can't control her kids, she doesn't realize Vision broke Norm's conditioning, and she doesn't know what to do when Agnes "breaks character." Too many things have happened without Wanda's say-so to give weight to the idea of her being the sole person behind the grand Hex.

Wanda's frustration alludes to the idea that while she doesn't have total control, she does know who or what is. At least enough to know that she isn't going to mess up her good thing. She does everything she can to keep her happiness amidst the chaos. But who is pulling the big strings, and will Wanda stop them? We'll have to watch to find out.