James Corden's Parody of Us Might Not Be Grammatically Correct, but It's Terrifyingly Funny

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James Corden has given us some pretty memorable movie parodies in the last couple of years. Who can forget his To All the Boys I've Loved Before spoof or that time he took on When Harry Met Sally? This time, however, his source material was a lot more frightening, as he and Reggie Watts took on Jordan Peele's Us, the horror movie that's got everyone talking right now. Just like Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke do in the film, James and Reggie take on dual characters as they battle the "horror parody" versions of themselves known as "We" (for copyright reasons, naturally) who are intent on taking over control of The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Anyone who's seen the movie (or even just the trailer) will recognize all the key moments, including a colony of white rabbits that James recognizes as "an out of context creepy thing." Watch for yourself above to see how things pan out, though we're pretty sure you can guess where this one's heading.