These Photos of Jason Momoa as Aquaman Prove That He's the Perfect Casting Choice

In case his crazy workout regimen or the first look at him in costume in Justice League didn't convince you that Jason Momoa is perfect for the role of DC Comics' Aquaman (a trident-wielding half-god also known as Arthur Curry), we've rounded up all the peeks we've gotten at the highly anticipated Atlantean hero — including that action-packed trailer. Momoa's hulking stature, no-nonsense gaze, and ability to rock tattoos lend him the perfect look for embodying director James Wan's new take on the beloved hero, and the actor's pioneering attitude and respect for the sea mean that he's inwardly suited for the role also.

Both interviews with Momoa and social media snaps about his new role reveal that he's ridiculously excited to pick up Aquaman's trident — especially because he'll be able to portray his Polynesian heritage in the role. Check out these incredible moments of him in costume for both Justice League and Aquaman, because once you see how powerful, passionate, and intimidating Momoa appears in the role, you'll barely be able to wait to see him on the big screen.


Zack Snyder revealed Aquaman's new look to the world via Twitter in early 2015 — we've been chomping at the bit ever since.


Footage from behind the scenes of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released with home copies of the film in June 2016, which allowed us our first behind-the-scenes action shots of Momoa in his new role.


Aquaman's brief first reveal in Batman v Superman showed him fiercely attacking a camera — he looks totally at ease in his underwater realm!


Momoa's islander heritage is a shared connection between the actor and his character, who is a water god similar to Polynesian deities like Maui.


Another behind-the-scenes look at Momoa's Aquaman from the Batman v Superman home release shows his minimal armor, intimidating trident, and (of course) chiseled abs.


In December, Momoa debuted a short film about his family. Among the shots of his kids, we found some behind-the-scenes footage from Aquaman! We're partial to this still, but they're all beautiful.


Of course, we also got to see him in all his glory in the footage of Justice League released during the 2016 Comic-Con.






Evn more shots of him surfaced when the full Justice League trailer hit in March.




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And now, of course, we have tons of GIFs and photos courtesy of the Aquaman trailer. See them all (including a new image!) ahead.