Dead to Me: Netflix Compiled Jen's Most Savage Moments, and My Gosh, She's the F*cking Best

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Jen Harding is truly one of a kind. Portrayed by Christina Applegate on Netflix's Dead to Me, she's a red-wine-chugging, curse-word-spewing badass who, despite the tragic loss of her husband, still manages to make us laugh out loud in every single episode of the dark comedy series. To celebrate Jen's borderline-savage tendencies, Netflix did the world a solid and compiled her best one-liners and moments from seasons one and two, including but not limited to:

  • when she attempted to have a conversation with the bird that her youngest son, Henry, swore was his reincarnated father
  • pretty much every interaction with her incessantly nosy neighbor, Karen
  • that time a stranger tried to hit on her and Judy at the hotel bar, and she responded by yelling, "Read the room, f*cko!"
  • when she showed up to a grief retreat seminar drunk
  • listening to heavy metal music in her car with Judy Hale

Watch the glorious three-minute montage above, and join us in praying for a third season of Dead to Me — because we could all use more of Jen's ruthless spirit in our lives.