Jennifer Lopez's Understated Performance of "People" Sent Chills Down My Spine

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We already know that Jennifer Lopez has the vocal chops to light up a stage, but the Hustlers star took her artistry to another level on Saturday, April 18. Lopez made an appearance during the One World: Together at Home special, singing a cover of Barbra Streisand's "People." The singer, who is currently self-isolating with fiancé Alex Rodriguez and their children, filmed the performance in her string-light-decorated backyard, perched against a tree.

Though the performance was a more understated and gentle act than we usually expect from the singer, that didn't make it any less powerful. Lopez clearly connected with the song's lyrics, which are all about needing one another and not letting pride get in the way of connecting with people. It's a particularly poignant song considering the special is dedicated to the healthcare workers working on the front lines to fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

Lopez has been on a roll when it comes to making connections between people. The artist recently debuted a show on Quibi, titled Thanks a Million, which shows what happens when celebrities start a chain of gratitude by giving away $100,000. Obviously, she's more than ready to spread some kindness around the world. Watch Lopez's touching performance above.