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Watch Jesse Williams Quiz Kehlani on Grey's Anatomy Trivia

Jesse Williams Tests Kehlani's Grey's Anatomy Superfan Status With a Little Trivia Quiz

As much as many of us love to think we're the biggest fans of Grey's Anatomy, Jesse Williams put Kehlani's knowledge of the show to the test in Billboard's latest "Quizzed" segment. On Nov. 11, the Grey's Anatomy star put on the pressure, telling her before the questions started, "You better be good!" It's hard not to get nervous when dreamy Dr. Jackson Avery is talking to you and Kehlani was certainly a little flustered.

After a round of true or false questions, Williams upped the ante with difficult questions like, "Which two characters were in the opening scene of season one, episode one?" and "What was Grey Sloan Memorial called first and what was it renamed to?" Kehlani was relatably stumped on the first question — it's been 15 years since the premiere — but got half-credit on the second. You can see whether or not you're a bigger fan of Grey's Anatomy than Kehlani by watching the full video above.

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